Prepaid Currency Cards

Pre-paid currency cards have been around for years but in this ever turbulent economy they have become an increasingly popular and effective way of managing your money abroad. For those who aren‚Äôt aware, a pre-paid currency card is as the name suggests, a card which you pre pay money onto in whichever currency you desire. […]

Banks & Financial Inclusion

"The Bull"

When it comes to banking, everyone is trying to find the best deal on the market. As a result, banks will often offer a variety of ‚Äòintroductory perks‚Äô for new customers or customers who switch provider. Often these will be things such as cash rewards for switching, high interest rates, free railcards or even free […]

Financial InclusionHelen Child

Helen Child FI for Latin America

As a proponent of financial inclusion, Helen Child supports the need for easy access to financial services for all members of society; many experts are calling for financial inclusion as a means to pull Latin Americans out of poverty. “Our women‚Äôs dream is to be financially independent from their husbands, but we‚Äôre not addressing that […]

Helen ChildPrepaid Currency Cards

Helen Child Fx Guide

Please note: The information in this guide does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research¬† on top to ensure it‚Äôs right for your specific circumstances. Helen Child Helen Child is the founder and former CEO of the UK‚Äôs first E Money License Issuer to be awarded Prepaid Issuing status by both MasterCard & […]

Financial InclusionHelen Child

Financaial Inclusion Helen Child

Currently, millions of adults across Britain are financially excluded. According to the Financial Inclusion Commission, nearly two million people across the UK do not have a bank account, up to 8.8 million are over-indebted and 1 in 4 have a poor credit rating, Prepaid card industry expert Helen Child believes the re-elected Conservative government should […]

Financial InclusionHelen Child

Helen Child Financial Inclusion India

As a¬†supporter¬†of Financial Inclusion, Helen Child¬†understands the historical challenges of operating in a restrictive market and the hurdles required to get a product launched that is not issued by an Indian Bank. Anyone who has worked in India, as I have, will know¬†that the regulatory landscape was at a complete juxtaposition to what was required […]


Home House Helen Child

  We‚Äôve wanted to¬†make our first evening something to talk about.¬† Please take a look, below is the copy Home House has just sent to the printers announcing the launch of our new members event.¬† ‚ÄòThe Alternative Club‚Äù ‚Äì our new investment and networking private dining club.   Wow!¬† I love it when an idea […]

Banks & Financial InclusionPayments

Banks & Financial Inclusion Helen Child

As a member of Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF) I was pleased to read an article in the Telegraph last week which reported Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) calling out for more women to enter and progress in the financial sector and particularly at the top of the world‚Äôs […]