The Most Popular Payment Solutions for e-Commerce Websites


Online shopping is bigger than ever before with the majority of people now choosing to browse the internet for what they want rather than the high street. With the industry booming all year round it is important that as an online business you are able to make safe and secure electronic payments. Luckily there are a large range of payment solutions to suit any business but which ones can you trust to ensure fast and secure payment transfers? Here we have listed some of the top payment service providers used by most e-Commerce websites.

One of the most popular providers is WooCommerce which is used by WordPress users that have an ecommerce shop. This is a great provider that has a lot of great features. These consist of visually and structurally being customer friendly, being able to monitor your performance, managing every aspect of your store and much more.

An obvious choice that many businesses small and large uses is PayPal as it is one of the world’s most widely used online payment services. With it being an internationally used service they currently have over 140 million active accounts in 26 currencies around the world which makes it extremely easy to transfer money.

Google has also jumped on board with the digital payment services and created Google Wallet which works in a similar way to PayPal. You are able to send and receive payments through just as many currencies all around the world. They have even taken it a step further than PayPal and are now brining out their own card that connects to users Google Wallet accounts. These should be able to be used in the same way as normal credit or debit cards.

2CheckOut is another widely used payment processor that combines payment gateways and merchant accounts so that you don’t need to have a Google Wallet or PayPal set up. It is a very quick process of registering your details online, verifying it and you are ready to start accepting and sending payments. It also comes with desirable business features such as international payments and recurring monthly billing.

A final popular option is Amazon payments primarily because it is very rare that you come across someone who doesn’t have an amazon account set up. This means that everyone details for billing and shipping are already stored making the merchant process a lot simpler. It is also a very safe and trusted method of payment of Amazons API that people are very happy to use.

Whilst these are just a handful of the most widely used and popular payment service providers for online transactions there are hundreds more available to you. It is important that before setting up this aspect of your business you thoroughly research the different providers so that you use the one that best suits your needs.

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