Malta, Marsa

A rather worrying report surfaced this week from KPMG suggesting that Ireland, Cyprus, Malta and Luxembourg were going to be the hardest hit by Brexit. Quite apart from the suggestion of the headline that all of these countries would be hit equally, I found the report to be fundamentally flawed. Key to the analysis is […]

Helen ChildInspiration

Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Balluta bay, Malta

Whether it‚Äôs a hard or soft Brexit the thumping parimentary majority this week will inevitably mean that there are some tough decisions to be made quite soon in the City. When Teresa May triggers Article 50 and serves notice on Britain leaving the European Union there will be significant fall out, not least of which […]



Online shopping is bigger than ever before with the majority of people now choosing to browse the internet for what they want rather than the high street. With the industry booming all year round it is important that as an online business you are able to make safe and secure electronic payments. Luckily there are […]

Prepaid Currency Cards

Pre-paid currency cards have been around for years but in this ever turbulent economy they have become an increasingly popular and effective way of managing your money abroad. For those who aren‚Äôt aware, a pre-paid currency card is as the name suggests, a card which you pre pay money onto in whichever currency you desire. […]