Is Bitcoin the Future of Currency?

Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins

Despite being around since 2008, Bitcoin is still a relatively new concept to the masses. Over the past few years, Bitcoin has evolved into a legitimate digital exchange system and is becoming widely accepted as a viable payment method amongst merchants around the globe. They can be stored, traded and used in transactions online by anyone with a suitable computer and is fast becoming one of the most valuable currencies.bitcoin

“Maximum of 21 million Bitcoin’s in circulation”

In terms of how Bitcoin is valued, in order to retain its worth and its status as a legitimate currency, at any one time there can only be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoin’s in circulation. The value of Bitcoin’s can fluctuate hourly just as with any global economic system. A recent example of this was following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election which caused Bitcoin’s value to surge to £589 overnight. The following day trading then began at £579, marking an unprecedented 3% increase from the previous day.

As with any investment you have no guarantees that the market will always work in your favour. Currently Bitcoin is an unregulated currency meaning that it might not be recognised by the country you are in and subsequently you may be unable to get insurance on it cialis preise. However, that being said unlike many investment opportunities, the Bitcoin market fluctuates so regularly that it can quickly working your favour. The recent post-election high for example would have been a perfect time to sell Bitcoin stocks.

This year, Bitcoin will be 8 years old and is only growing with multi million pound businesses such as Subway, Microsoft and Virgin Galactic (to name just a few) accepting Bitcoin’s as payment. Also, as a result of Bitcoin being a digital currency, new apps and programs are being developed every day to help accommodate the transaction process and mining. Research is now showing that the majority of shoppers are interested in using Bitcoin not only for its seemingly beneficial investment potential but also as a quicker and easier means of payment.